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Restaurant tips: Sí Sí Easthampton

One of my favorite restaurant in the Hamptons: inspired by coastal Mediterranean dining experiences “Si Si”takes you to the most cozy places from Spain, Morocco and Italy, with atemporal and innovative cuisine “Sisi” is also sophisticated and private, I would say almost secret: Sí Sí Easthampton At night or day, the restaurant always has a special vibes and what I like the most is the sunset hour (such a crazy view). In summer especially, I need to admire the sunset. Every day when the sun is gone in a different way…makes me find a spiritual peace mixed with the feeling that I won my day and I'm ready for tomorrow. kelly Bhopale tote Contemplating these moments with good company and exceptional...

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Hiking in Montauk: “Strange things”

Camp Hero is a haunt that has amassed some of the top conspiracy theories in america pop culture. The history of Camp Hero spans over several generations including WWII and the Cold War. Considering it's located in my favorite town, Montauk, and it has a spooky backstory, I just had to go and now is been my fourth time, I take all my friends that come to visit me to there!!! This tip of Long Island is rich in military history reaching all the way back to the American Revolution. It has seen Amistad, George Washington, Teddy’s Rough Riders, German U-boats and maybe visitors from another planet, I’m not kidding. It’s what my ex boyfriend told me when he took...

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Restaurant tips: Flora Westhampton

Hello Breezes! I will start it with a tip about a super nice restaurant! Flora is located in the heart of Westhampton. The place is cozy and of great taste. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love flowers, plants and decorations that involve it, so this place has already attracted me by the name. On the sidewalk we can see a window that appears to have been restored to maintain the feel of a vintage building, and it has been filled with flowers throughout. Inside the restaurant they have potted plants made by macrame and hung close to the chandelier, in a kind of tree wood frame that gives a rustic feel to the place. I was there on...

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The idea for LuTur was birthed many years ago; only now have I decided to give it the air to breathe and flourish so that others may enjoy my perspective on this beautiful slice of life they call “The Hamptons”. My hope is that through virtual walks together; exploring many of the places and spaces that touch my heart, that you too will appreciate what makes this paradise at the East End of Long Island so special. Stay tuned and I will share a lot about my second home.

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