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Hiking in Montauk: “Strange things”

Camp Hero is a haunt that has amassed some of the top conspiracy theories in america pop culture. The history of Camp Hero spans over several generations including WWII and the Cold War. Considering it's located in my favorite town, Montauk, and it has a spooky backstory, I just had to go and now is been my fourth time, I take all my friends that come to visit me to there!!!
This tip of Long Island is rich in military history reaching all the way back to the American Revolution. It has seen Amistad, George Washington, Teddy’s Rough Riders, German U-boats and maybe visitors from another planet, I’m not kidding.

It’s what my ex boyfriend told me when he took me out for the first time, yes my first American date was there lol!

but well, positioned between two major cities and being the first line of defense from the ocean, Montauk has held its own. Today, Camp Hero is a 415 acre state park open to the public for hiking, biking, and horseback riding with an extensive trail system. This park also boasts some of the best surf fishing in the world (permit required) on its wide beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean. (Swimming is not permitted here, but there are many more agreeable beaches for swimming in the Montauk area.) Hiking through the park shows a variety of diverse landscapes- maritime forests, freshwater wetlands, breathtaking ocean vistas, and striking bluffs. You’ll find lots of wildlife and an abundance of birds. There are areas for a picnic with barbecue access.

Let’s not forget the historic military installation! In addition to the popular SAGE radar, a town was built to conceal the identity of the Air Force. It’s still standing for you to visit, but creepily abandoned. The park is registered a National Historic Site. We enjoyed staying on main trails (dirt and paved roads) as we meandered our way to the ocean. The bunkers and Batteries were pretty easy to find and you can see the radar dish from just about any open area in the park. The park map is basic, but delivers the information clearly with good signage in the park with historical explanation.
We visit the phenomenon of the Netflix original “Stranger Things”. I really had some fun listen some tall tales of government experimentation and ghosts. I must admit, it was a little eerie been under the radar dish, in the woods, next to the abandoned town.
Dare to enter?
You can really submerse yourself into the “Montauk Project” at this state park. There’s enough oddly placed doors and buildings in the woods to surround you in spooky mystery. And, of course, who doesn’t wonder about all of the government conspiracies floating around?! “Stranger Things,” based on the book, “The Montauk Project” touches on so many questionable theories about this facility and you can really put the two together with a good imagination as you walk around the park. Underground tunnels? Labs with security? Bunkers built into hills so you can never truly know how far they go? It’s real enough. All you have to do is imagine where they may have dabbled in inter-dimensional travel, held abducted children for experimentation or imprisoned other life forms to “keep us safe.”

It was such a nice experience every time I go there with my friends. I really recommend it, even if it's a first date (lol) or a hhiking with friends for fun. I'm sure there will be no lack of subject matter and a lot of imagination along the way. 


                          Montauk NY.


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