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Restaurant tips: Sí Sí Easthampton

One of my favorite restaurant in the Hamptons: inspired by coastal Mediterranean dining experiences “Si Si”takes you to the most cozy places from Spain, Morocco and Italy, with atemporal and innovative cuisine “Sisi” is also sophisticated and private, I would say almost secret:

295, three mile harbor hog creek Rd, East Hampton NY
Sí Sí Easthampton

At night or day, the restaurant always has a special vibes and what I like the most is the sunset hour (such a crazy view).

In summer especially, I need to admire the sunset.

Every day when the sun is gone in a different way…makes me find a spiritual peace mixed with the feeling that I won my day and I'm ready for tomorrow.

kelly Bhopale tote

Contemplating these moments with good company and exceptional food is my hobby. A great place for a romantic dinner, it was there that I had one of the most delicious dinners with my partner and whenever we can we go back there.

kelly Bhopale Tote

I'll describe what we ordered on the menu for those who still don't know this place and get a feel for what it is look like:

1. eggplant polpette
tomato sauce/burrata/basil/charred filone - $25

My favorite always, could be for share and a excellent vegetarian option that explodes flavors in the mouth

2. mediterranean octopus

braised gigantea beans/ sofrito/lamb sausage/ chimichurri $26

I'm suspicious to rate everything that has octopus because I love it! but this one (especially on this day) was perfectly cooked, a refreshing and light dish for those who love seafood.

3. barley risotto

roasted root/vegetables/oregano/marinated feta $24

Good, I would say isn't my fav.

 4. roasted heritage chicken

smashed potato/broccoli/rabe/spicy whipped feta/gremolata $36

soooo sooo good!!!!!!! No explains


I couldn’t had dessert this day lol. 
I’m not a sweet person but I’ll try it some point and back here to update. 

hope you guys enjoy it try it and be happy !!!!

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