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Restaurant tips: Flora Westhampton

Hello Breezes!

I will start it with a tip about a super nice restaurant! Flora is located in the heart of Westhampton. The place is cozy and of great taste. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love flowers, plants and decorations that involve it, so this place has already attracted me by the name. On the sidewalk we can see a window that appears to have been restored to maintain the feel of a vintage building, and it has been filled with flowers throughout. Inside the restaurant they have potted plants made by macrame and hung close to the chandelier, in a kind of tree wood frame that gives a rustic feel to the place.

I was there on 2 different occasions: business meeting and a girls' night. the location is suitable for both. The two nights we were there I had excellent service and a pleasant and productive time. I suggest that in the busy season make a reservation in advance, as the restaurant is small.

On my first time there I sat outside in a late afternoon, the vibe, tables, style, it reminded me of some European places. The second time, we sat inside at a table for 4 people on a very comfortable couch!
An important tip: they accept to bring your own wine and without charging for it, from the third bottle onwards they put a fee on (which is super acceptable) both times I had red wine, the prices are good, a bottle of a Cabernet wine with sizable ratings between 4.1 - 4.5 stars, costs $55. per the server recommendation we chose 2 different appertizers to split between 3 people, (which is enough if you're going to have dinner afterwards). We chose the burrata ($19): I ordered in the first time and couldn't resist to have it again) toasted french bread, tomato jam, pesto, blistered tomatoes, white balsamic reduction and lobster fondue ($20): lobster and brie fondue, tarragon, grilled french bread. DELICIOUS!!! So so so good!
It was a bit late to have my last meal as usual so I avoid eating heavy meat especially because I do my running workout every day in the morning. then my main course was Scared Scallops ($36): Corn, chorizo, cadied fresno peppers, buttermilk reduction and jasmine rice. it was a little spicy, but I love it! very good without any notes to complement by my taste. The dessert was the usual carrot cake with frosted cream, why do I love it so much? The dessert is recommended at the place, served in a very fluffy flower pot, something with vanilla ice cream, Nutella and Oreo which I thought at the moment would be a little too much, even to share with my friends but I still want to try it in the next time.

People dress simply and casually yet elegant. nothing prevents you from wearing a long dress with details, or a set (top and pants) of light fabric in the summer or for fall time: special occasions you want to impress, a midi dress with long sleeves, block heels and light makeup would look great!

Enjoy it and let me know too about your experience

Xxx and see you next Thursday





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